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Residential and Commercial
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Landscape Design and Development
Using a comprehensive layout, we create a landscape composition and follow through to the development stage.

Lawn Maintenance

  • General lawn maintenance is provided on a weekly basis.
  • Professional lawn maintenance equipment is used to maintain a professional look.
  • Trimming and blowing clippings off driveway and deck is included.
  • Double cutting or extra work performed because of excess growth may be subject to extra charges.

Lawn Installation and Repair

  • Depending on individual circumstances, we provide taking a new construction grade, to a finished level seeded lawn.
  • Sod laying
  • Patch seeding
  • Over seeding

Specific Lawn Care Needs

  • Thatching
  • Aerating
  • Lime
  • Fertilizing

Spring and Fall Clean Ups
This is usually part of our general lawn care agreement. Rates a derived from our hourly rate.

Mulching - We offer a variety of selections:

  • Triple ground
  • Double ground
  • Light or dark
  • Painted non-organic
  • Leaf humus
  • Woodchips
  • Pine bark nuggets

Generally we apply 2.5 inches of your desired mulch unless otherwise specified. We apply a well established edge around beds to keep and maintain mulch in desired locations. Weed control: Preemergant and post emergent weed control is available.

Contact us for items you need delivered:

  • Mulch
  • Installation: Trees, shrubs, flowers and more
  • Stone, gravel and screenings
  • Seasoned hardwood (seasonal) firewood

Disposal - We can dispose of any organic decomposing material.

Tree Care

  • Fertilizing
  • Thinning and dead wood clearing
  • Cabling
  • Take downs
  • Stump grinding
  • * Free Analysis - Identifying disease

Hard Scaping - Products: Natural stone, Brick and modified stone structures.

  • Water falls
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Retaining Walls

Snow Plowing - Residential and commercial.
Having lived and plowed for 12 years in the community, we are well versed in what can accompany a winter in the Cleveland suburbs. We provide reliable services through our lake effect Snow Belt areas.

  • 24 hour snow watch
  • Season contracts and per push contracts are available.
  • Structured contracts for commercial accounts.